Welcome to the world of young, hot, sexy female bikini models. After teen age most of the girls enter into the world of modeling. The special things needed in a famous model such as beauty , maintained figure and how sexy is she ? Some models engage in sex and expose their nudity to get famous and also in the same way some models are there who engage in social service to get famous.
Do care being nude is not the key of sucess but also bikini babes are the main search of today's guys.
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Erika Sawajiri

One of The Top actress of Japan Erika Sawajiri won the Seikore (???) grand prize. She began appearing on TV in programs like Harajuku Ronchazu, The Night of Hit Parade and Super VIP. A year later, she was named Fuji TV’s Visual Queen of the Year. In 2002 at age 16, Erika began acting in TV dramas and modeling as a gravure idol. In 2005, Erika starred in her first film Pacchigi!, which won her Best New Actor awards in all major award ceremonies in Japan (18th Nikkan Sports Movie Award, 30th Houchi Movie Award, 15th Tokyo Sports Movie Award, 79th Kinema Junpo Award, 29th Japan Academy Awards).

Konno Asami Profile (Celebrity Biography)

Name (romaji): Konno Asami
Nickname: Konkon, Kon-chan, Ojamaru, Pon-chan (given by Matthew Minami), Konbu, Bukkonbu, Acchan and Asa
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1987-May-7
Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Height: 156cm
Star sign: Taurus
Blood type: B
Family: Sister
Talent agency: Up-Front Works (http://www.up-front-works.jp/)
TV Shows:
Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho 2

Something about Kiss

Kiss is Important component of love & relationship. It is accepted behaviour of the society.In India,particularly in village area, people still hesitate to have a kiss in the public place.Kiss is not only limited to man & woman but also animal to animal & animal & human.This also gives indication of sex excitement.
In true sense, kiss is a physical activity where lips of one person touch to another place to show the expression of love, respect & affection. It is generally termed as an affection or sexual desire.

Why people do kiss? There are following reasons

1. To express his or her sexual intention.

2. To express her or his respect

3. To say hello, when he or she meets after long time.

4.To say bye, when go apart from each other

5.To express his or her affection.

Here it is observed that 90% of man or woman have a kiss to express sexual desire to his or her partner & it is great fun where eevery new couple desire to do this.